We engineer hollow spheres to build a greener globe


Being founded by the world-renowned material scientist Professor To NGAI in 2022, we are a spin-out company from The Chinese University of Hong Kong focusing on advanced materials development.

“With our innovative hollow microsphere technology, O-Spheres is committed to holding the value of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and alleviating the microplastics issue to ensuring environmental protection.”

Prof. To NGAI, (Founder, Director cum Chief Scientific Advisor)

Our technology

Hollow microspheres

Our products

Hollow Microspheres

With our science-informed and evidence-based researches, we offer tailor-made preparatory methods to manufacture sophisticated eco- (“polymer free shell”) hollow particles with precisely controlled physical properties, such as shell thickness, permeability, mechanical strength and biocompatibility, etc.

Our core technology has been successfully applied on the white ink printing and with the potential to serve as hollow mineral-based UV filters in personal care products. The propelling demand for hollow microspheres in global market potentiates the development of hollow microsphere-based products and expands the potential applications.

Social Responsibility

Safe, Green, Economical

UN SDGs to be achieved by O-Spheres